Align Therapeutics is the energy medicine approach to healing and wellness. Balance and align the energies of your heart, mind, body, & spirit for your best health!

Biomagnetic Pair Therapy

Biomagnetic Pair Therapy is a holistic, healing modality that supports the heart, mind, body, and spirit to heal and function best on both an energetic and a cellular level with the polarity of therapeutic grade magnets. Biomagnetism promotes alignment in all of the body’s systems, therefore symptoms of almost all diseases, syndromes, dysfunctions, and also states of mental/emotional disharmony can benefit from this root-cause based therapy. The following is a list of conditions (including but not limited to) that respond well to BPT:

  • Anxiety & depression
  • Unresolved emotional conflicts & trauma
  • Migraines & headaches
  • Concussions
  • Lyme disease & co-infections
  • Endocrine & hormone imbalances
  • IBS & other digestive disorders
  • Sleep Issues
  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Autoimmune disorders
  • Neurological symptoms
  • Epstein-Barr virus
  • Long Covid
  • Eczema, psoriasis & other skin issues
  • Chronic Pain
  • Fungal & mold infections
  • Vaccine injury
  • Pans, PANDAS
  • Wellness visits for detox & balancing
Understand the science behind it, so you can feel good about trusting it!

Biomagnetic Pair Therapy is rooted in hard fact science. To understand how pairs of high-powered magnets can generate therapeutic effects, it is imperative to recognize two phenomena: the human body is made up of 75 trillion cells and the human body is an electromagnetic being!  At rest, healthy cells have more negative ions on the inside and more positive ions on the outside, which creates a voltage potential across the cell membrane. This is important because the cells of our many systems are in constant communication. The messages are relayed from cell to cell via the opening and closing of ion channels in cell membranes, reversing the polarity of the charge. This chain of events creates electromagnetic currents. Since the body is continually working, running on electromagnetic energy, we are electromagnetic!

When we are healthy, our electromagnetic energy is good and allows for smooth, working operations of the body. However, when we don’t feel good, our cells are compromised by an invading microscopic pathogen, taxed by stress, or underperforming due to an underlying dysfunction. Hence, the cell membrane voltage is weakened, which disrupts the quality of electromagnetic communication and is typically accompanied by a distortion in tissue pH. This is tremendously important because pH plays a significant role in wellness. PH stands for “the power of hydrogen”, which is a positively charged ion: H+. The body operates best when the pH is 7.4, on the slightly alkaline side of neutral.

Where there is an increase in hydrogen ions, tissues of the body become acidic and is prone to viral and fungal infection. Conversely where there is a decrease in hydrogen, the tissues become more alkaline and is prone to inflammation, pain, bacterial, and parasitic infections. To correct the pH level and restore a healthy environment for the cells, pairs of positive and negative magnets are placed on specific areas of the body to provide the opportunity for recalibration of the cells. When the proper pH level is restored, it will curb the pathogen’s ability to thrive. Cells become healthy and the whole body starts healing itself.

How can Biomagnetism help with mental & emotional wellbeing?

The direct relationship between pH and cell voltage provides the foundation for the how and why biomagnetism is therapeutic for the heart and mind. Thoughts & emotions are forms of energy, which also have a voltage or charge to them. For example, when we feel excited, our whole being feels revved up as opposed to when we are sad, our being feels sluggish. The quality of our heart-mind energy influences the activity in the central nervous system which interacts with the cells of our digestive, cardiovascular, immune, hormonal, and excretory functions. Biomagnetic Pair Therapy can neutralize and release the energy of unresolved and unprocessed emotions. Effective emotional regulation enhances all of the body systems to work optimally. How we feel essentially comes down to our cellular health! 

The electromagnetic field produced
by the heart extends three feet beyond the body!

The emotional energy frequency scale illustrates emotions vibrating at different frequencies measured in hertz.

What to Expect

The initial visit will begin with a conversation about your health concerns and health history. You will then get comfortable on a massage table for evaluation using applied kinesiology assessment to identify where the imbalances reside. Biomagnetic pairs (a positive and a negative magnet) are then placed on specific locations on the body. You will be guided towards a state of deep relaxation as the magnets create the opportunity for your cells to eradicate pathogens, recalibrate the nervous system, and/or release the energy of unresolved emotions. This time may include Reiki, breath work, guided meditation, and/or quiet rest. Two week intervals are suggested in between sessions so that the body has time to process the re-set and then adjust to function at a renewed state. Typically, there are layers in states of dis-ease and therefore may require follow-up appointments. The number of sessions depend on the nature of your condition and your immune system.

The history of Biomagnetic Pair Therapy

Dr. Isaac Goiz is the creator of Biomagnetic Pair Therapy. Dr. Goiz was inspired by the research of former NASA medical director, Dr. Broeringmeyer, who discovered that pH in the body could be altered with the simple yet specific application of magnets. Furthermore, he concluded that there is a direct link between pH levels in the body and health status. Dr. Goiz successfully applied this knowledge in his holistic care of his cancer and HIV patients to start. During his many years of practice, he clinically identified over 250 biomagnetic pairs and expanded his treatment applications to include most diseases, syndromes, and dysfunctions. Subsequent practitioners continue to identify more pairs, including sets that target emotional healing. 


Reiki is simply the universal life force energy that we are composed of and that sustains us. It is essential to our existence. Quantum science affirms that everything in the universe is energy, including all living things, thoughts, emotions, light, sound, the air around us, and solid matter! As Albert Einstein said, “Concerning matter, we have all been wrong. What we have called matter is really energy.”  When our energy flow is not impeded, emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual health are optimal. We feel great! Maintaining good energy flow supports the biochemical processes of the body that keep us healthy. However, when there is a disturbance in our energy flow, as a result of emotional strain, illness/chronic inflammation, or injury, our wellbeing is compromised. When pure life force energy is channeled and applied by a practitioner who is attuned to accessing the flow, it can be incredibly healing and profound shifts can occur. Science has proven that Reiki aligns the body in the rest, digest, repair, & restore mode of the nervous system, where healing takes place. In fact, Reiki is used in medical settings all over the world.

Proven benefits of Reiki are:

  • Improved sleep
  • Enhanced mood
  • Pain relief
  • Stress reduction
  • Promotion of relaxation
  • Immune system amplification

Chakra clearing and energy field balancing
Reiki is delivered through the hands with direct touch and/or with a hovering hands technique. Reiki penetrates the physical body as well as the chakras and the energy fields surrounding the body. Intuitive messages often unfold when it serves the client’s greatest and highest good, bringing a deeper sense of wellbeing and spiritual healing. 

Remote healing
Lisa uses the quantum connection to send Reiki and the energy of Biomagnetic Pairs to people in all locations of the world. Healing energy is not bound by space or time! Remote healing can be challenging to wrap the mind around. Think of it like Wi-Fi, we can’t see it, but we know that it serves as wireless connection!

“All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a conscious and intelligent non-visible living energy force.” 
– Max Planck, Quantum Physicist & Nobel Prize recipient

Yoga Therapy

Yoga therapy can be beneficial for:         

  • healing from an injury and/or trauma    
  • providing the opportunity to learn a daily practice to sustain and/or improve your physical and mental & emotional wellness
  • the pure enjoyment of moving in a wholesome way!

Yoga supports the alignment of the body, heart, mind, and spirit through mindful movement, conscious breathing, tapping into the energy of renewal, and active relaxation. Yoga Therapy with Lisa is about taking into consideration your physical and heart-mind baseline and customizing a movement practice that feels nourishing to your whole being. Combining her physical therapy skills with her yoga teaching and practice experience, Lisa’s lens of designing a practice includes knowledge of the myofascial lines and their influences on the body, visceral (organs & glands) physiology, the importance of stimulating anti-gravity muscles, a full menu of breath practices, nervous system massage, and assisting in expanding your awareness. Yoga therapy meets you where you are and lifts you up!

About Lisa

Lisa MacDonald has over 25 years of experience in women’s health physical therapy, is a Reiki Master, a Biomagnetic Pair Therapist, and a yoga instructor. Through her personal experience and via the evolution of her PT practice, she gained a profound appreciation for the body and heart-mind connection. This spurred on the beginning of her evolution of becoming a holistic health care practitioner. Also, over time, she noticed that her patients with chronic diagnoses such as IBS and endometriosis had limitations in their wellness with conventional health care. Therefore, she encouraged her patients to seek out holistic options to gain further improvements. When Lisa discovered the profound power of Biomagnetic Pair Therapy, she could not resist becoming a practitioner herself. She completed her training in 2022 with Janelle E. Salzman, founder of Indra and Emotion Protocol. And Lisa’s Reiki background and certification is in the traditional Usui System of Natural Healing. Reiki has significantly enabled her inherent intuition to expand, which is often an extra tool in her care with clients. Lisa is passionate about providing non-invasive and effective options for both wellness support and healing/recovery support.

Lisa serves clients at her Hopkinton, MA location, both in person as well as remotely.


Lisa helped me tremendously during a period of depression after Covid and the loss of my parents, and also with some medical issues I was having.  She is highly intuitive and compassionate. The first time she placed the magnets on me, I felt a shift in my energy toward calmness and peace. With each subsequent session I felt more centered; it’s as if I’ve finally come back to myself. I’m so grateful to you Lisa and for Biomagnetic Pair Therapy.


Lisa is so easy to work with, her compassion and breadth of knowledge puts you at ease right away.  The treatments are painless and afterwards, I noticed that I felt better all over; less malaise, less achy.  Since medical treatment of my Lyme disease ten years ago, my feet had always felt like the disease was still in them, and now my feet feel much more normal. In addition to my feet feeling better, I have noticed a boost in my motivation for self-care practice.  Highly recommend both Lisa and the Biomagnetic Pair Therapy! 


After a couple of customized yoga sessions with Lisa, I feel so empowered to continue on my own with real tools to help myself through the ups and downs of life. I have learned how to regulate my anxiety and nervous system with my breath and I now start my day off with a few yoga exercises that somehow puts in me in a place of calm and confidence. I am so thankful for my time in her care, as she really listened and taught me a short routine that makes a big difference in how my day goes!


I had a perfectly healthy pregnancy and at 40 weeks & 5 days, my daughter was born without a heartbeat. Losing my daughter had a devastating impact on our family and our lives. The grief and sadness was so overwhelming and debilitating. Everything in life was different and difficult.  I was in the darkest place of my life and willing to try anything. The second I met Lisa, I felt an immediate connection to her. Her warmness radiated through, and her energy was so grounding. After my first Biomagnetic Pair Therapy session, I walked out feeling a lot more balanced and hopeful, something had shifted inside me.  During my second session I had a major breakthrough. Crying on her table, I felt the energy in my body change, I felt like a new woman coming out of her office, a huge burden had been lifted off my chest. Lisa is a true healer, she has an angelic energy and is the kindnest soul I’ve ever met. She is down to earth, sets realistic expectations and wants to make positive change in this world. I have never felt a shift so powerful in my life. I am 1000% confident Lisa is the reason for this. I recommend Lisa to everyone, she is gifted with a special healing power and the world needs more of her in it.